Meet Bill

Bill graduated in 1975 from St. Cloud State University (Minnesota) with a B.S. in Marketing. For most of his 28-years in professional selling, he sold printing paper to commercial printers and school districts. His sales training

was based on relationship-building and resulted in a career of service, trust and friendship with his customers over many years.

He enjoys writing about the advice he has received over his lifetime, much of it from his father, and sharing the lessons learned from his personal experiences.  Always willing to speak in public, from his high school debate contests to his current membership in Toastmasters, Bill takes seriously his role in our complex world of helping those who seek advice to improve their relationships and get organized.

Since 1975, Bill has been married to Christine and they raised two wonderful children, their daughter (Kelley) and son (John) who reside in Minnesota. After three years of traveling to and from Minnesota to Arizona, they moved permanently to the Phoenix area in April of 2011. Currently, they are pursuing professional speaking careers and are writing books that center on building personal and professional relationships.

If there’s a single piece of advice that Bill shares with everyone, it’s “No one gets through life unscathed.” Even those among us that appear seemingly immune to sadness and disappointment are suffering in some way. Therefore, it is everybody’s responsibility to be mindfully aware of how necessary it is for us to positively impact the lives of those we know and meet.

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