Do you have the brain of an ant? You can become inspired by the tenacity of an ant and reduce stress if you model what an ant does.  A simple observation while working in my yard really struck home with me. It was a little experience with a big impact that inspired me to draw an analogy between how this insect acts as opposed to how we humans sometimes operate.

Do you have the brain of an ant? You’re lucky if you do! At my old house, I was watering the small flower garden I planted every year beneath the mailbox. Two ant hills had been built on the crack between the brick border of the garden and the street curb. With all the smugness that only we humans possess, I sprayed away the ant hills with my garden hose in about three seconds. 

Just twenty four hours later, I brought out the garden hose to water the flowers again and to my amazement the ant hills had reappeared! Imagine! Thousands of grains of sand had been washed away the day before, yet the ants were undeterred. After having experienced the total loss of their hills, they had instinctively rebuilt the entrances to their nests in just one day! 

Although I had destroyed the ant hills, and had probably damaged their nests and raised havoc with the colony below, what remained after my destruction was important enough to preserve and so the ants rebuilt. When we humans feel we have lost too much, we often fail to summon the inner strength and courage we need to rebuild. Instead, we let stress get to us and we give up.  An ant never sinks to that level!

THE LESSON: As long as hope is in our heart, we can never lose everything. If we operated with the brain of an ant, would never accept adversity. We simply wouldn’t quit at any cost if we believed the achievement was worthwhile and attainable. We’d focus on what has to be done, not stress out about how much there is to do—and begin the achievement process with intrepidity; perhaps even accomplishing our goal in twenty four hours!


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